Ensuring security of administrative buildings in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ensuring security of administrative buildings in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Republican State Enterprise with the Right of Economic Jurisdiction “Directorate of Administrative
Buildings of the President and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan” Administrative Office of
Presidential Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (DAB)

DAB plays an important role in management, maintenance and operation of material and technical base of office premises and administrative buildings of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of the activities of the enterprise is to ensure the security of administrative buildings.

DAB pays special attention to ensuring high quality of security in its structure. The enterprise has Smiths Detection X-ray units supplied by BSK Security LLP.

In October 2023, BSK Security LLP successfully delivered HS 5180si and HI-SCAN 6046si inspection equipment.

The HI-SCAN 5180si X-ray unit, manufactured at Smiths Detection in Germany, features a multi-energy X-ray generator, a new generation of electronics and a brand-new high-resolution detector line, making the system deliver previously unattainable performance. The HI-SCAN 5180si system generates impressively detailed X-ray images with double resolution, a critical system advantage for analyzing images in high hazard areas.

The HI-SCAN 6046si X-ray television inspection system, manufactured by Smiths Detection, has proven to be a successful X-ray inspection system. Its development is based on key technological innovations in X-ray sensing and image processing. The radical enhancement of the resolution of images of inspected objects is a major advantage in security image interpretation. The HI-SCAN 6046si also has a high tunnel, making it possible to inspect objects that are taller than carry-on baggage standards.