Advanced training - Wiesbaden, Germany, January 2023

Smiths Detection places special demands on its overseas distributors. Each specialist of the distributor company must not only confirm their qualifications once every two years, but also take refresher courses and training on the operation and maintenance of new models of equipment.

For each specialist, a training plan is drawn up for several years ahead. Some of the trainings take place online, some - practical exercises - directly at the factory. According to the class schedule in January 2023, two trainings are scheduled to be held at the plant: B-SCAN, SIM / Networking and B-SCAN, Technical Training SL2.

Seven specialists of BSK Security LLP took part in the training on the scanning and image management (SIM) system for the B-SCAN screening system.

Three company specialists successfully completed the B-SCAN course, Technical Training SL2 received theoretical knowledge and mastered practical skills in servicing all B-SCAN models, including preventive maintenance, diagnostics and repair.

The priority for "BSK Security" is the provision of services at a high professional level, so all the company's specialists who have been trained and received certificates are in demand by customers throughout Kazakhstan.