Equipping the Committee of Criminal Executive System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CCES) with high-tech equipment.

From September to December 2023, within the framework of the state order of the CCES of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purchase of high-tech equipment, BSK Security LLP successfully implemented the project for the delivery of nineteen units of X-ray human inspection system B SCAN™ 16HR-LD 100.

The equipment was supplied together with the Scan and Image Management (SIM™) system, a functional extension of the B-SCAN™ individual X-ray-television inspection.

The B-SCAN™ system is manufactured by Smiths Detection at its factory in Germany and is designed to detect contraband and dangerous items hidden in and on the human body in prisons, customs, border crossings and aviation security checkpoints such as weapons, explosives (plastic and powder), detonators, narcotics, electronic devices, diamonds, gemstones/metals and cell phones. B-SCAN™ generates a head-to-toe image of the entire body of the person being inspected in a single pass. This high-resolution image and image enhancement tools allow the operator to quickly and accurately perform the analysis. Thanks to a special image processing program, B-SCAN™ provides unrivaled inspection quality. In over a decade of field experience, B-SCAN™ has proven to be a well-designed and reliable inspection system. It conforms to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NCRP (National Committee on Radiation Protection) standards.

Engineers and IT specialists of BSK Security LLP finalized the computer application for image processing SIM™ and on its basis developed a new software that allows in addition to all operations such as scanning and saving images provided by SIM™, transfer information to a central server in the head office to view and monitor information for security purposes and prepare reports for administrative needs.